Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Lucidity Festival

The River Stage (Altar of Water)

The Altar of Water workshop space opens daily at 7:30 AM with ‘River in the Rising – Women’s Circle’ facilitated by a collective of awake and aware goddesses committed to providing safe and authentic space for women to connect.  Each day flows in a stream of healing workshops, deep currents of voice activation and breathwork, intuitive access and emotional release, as well as sailing through the dreamworld.  Workshops can be attended close to the stage or witnessed from the comfort of the I AM HEALING Tea Lounge, this years host of this space, over teas and elixirs provided by The Nohm.  You may even decide to schedule a healing session in I AM HEALING‘s Sanctuary between content on the stage.

At 4 PM the Altar of Water transforms into the River Stage sponsored with a Funktion-One sound system provided by Hijinx Productions.  Each day will see a healthy dose of organic live music; conscious house, trip-hop, and deep bass; devotional and soul-moving tones; as well as haunting inspirational lyrics.  Each night at 12 AM the volume lowers and the bass is dropped to honor our local noise ordinance and Silent Disco headphones can be used for a deeper experience with the music, provided by Lucidity sponsor Yoga Dance Magic.  Along with beautiful music to carry us into After Hours you will find sensual ways to connect with a cacao and kundalini ceremony as well as Saturday and Sunday burlesque shows.

This environment can be found in:

Elemental Realm of Water