Stages & Environments

Lucid Landing Stage

Lucid Landing

The Lucid Landing showcases Lucidity’s headliner acts. We honor both the opening and the closing of the festival on this stage, presented by members of the Council For Peace.

Pneumatic Nook Stage

Pneumatic Nook (Altar of Air)

The Pneumatic Nook is powered by the element of Air! Showcasing a wide range of electronic music and genre-bending DJs, Lucidity is excited to host cutting edge regional and...

Photo of Dusty Barrel Stage at Lucidity Festival

The Dusty Barrel

This rustic yet enlivened build creates the Old West among the backdrop of Live Oaks. This is the domain of boot stomping, thrill raising, game revelry, and wild shenanigans.

Water Flow (Movement Lab)

The Movement Lab hosts classes in breath-work, yoga, contact improv, flow play, interactive dance, and free form expression, under shade and on a padded floor.


Uniting Santa Barbara's Underground House and Techno community, we're returning with 3 days of Music, Love and Dancing to Lucidity: Regeneration Earth 2020!

Altar of Spirit

Within the soul of the Lucid University we discover the Altar of Spirit; our tabernacle dedicated to the discipline of discovery, the unfolding of the once known, and the...

Altar of Earth

Located at the entrance to the Earth Realm, the Altar of Earth provides a multi-generational platform for lectures and hands-on workshops involving: community building, resource stewardship, regenerative practices, Do...

Altar of Fire

Positioned in the Fire Realm, the Altar of Fire stirs the interest of the passionate and curious.

Deja Vu Portal

Nestled in the heart of the Lucid City, in the Realm of Spirit, you can connect with the Oracles as well as other guides to experience your unique place...

The interior of the Art Temple at Lucidity Festival

Art Temple

Art Temple is the fertile ground for your imagination, artistry and creativity. We are creators creating creators.

Mythos Oracle Sanctum

The Oracle is by nature a mystic, a bridge between the mythic and everyday worlds, incubating a vision of the querent's personal evolution and place in the cosmos.

Pyrobar the Love Machine

The industrious dragon that is the Pyrobar, spouts fire and spontaneous laughter, and boasts an aerial rig that doubles as a giganti netted swing.

Photo of toddler with drum


Located in the heart of the Earth Realm, the Imaginarium invites children of all ages into Family Garden.

Dome of the Space Wanderer

The Dome of the Space Wanderer is a unique structure built of up-cycled materials, filled with creative intention and fun.

Photo of Family Services Home Base Information Dome

Family Services Home Base

The Family Services Home Base is where all families and people with special needs are called to check in to be registered and placed for the event.

Camp ASL Love

Camp ASL Love is a group of sign language and visual arts enthusiasts. Our mission is to spread awareness and love of ASL and Deaf culture to all of...

Flow Nexus

The Flow Nexus is an interactive Parkour and Martial Arts zone with all the tools and inspiration for anyone to find their inner warrior.

Quan Yin Tea House

The space is dedicated to the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Quan Yin. The intention is to create a space that is a calm oasis from the often busy and loud...


Seek out this relaxing and activating space whether on an introspective journey or exploring with friends. 

Mindful Feeding Kitchen

The Mindful Feeding Kitchen, just like your home kitchen, is the heart of our festival, it brings us all together—a big part of the magic that connects our community.

Branches Mobile Gallery

All mediums are welcomed in our curative focus, from paintings to sculpture, low relief to high relief, interactive to conceptual.

Trixters Trading Post

Join the Coyotes of the Trixters' Playground at your local Trading Post! This is a place to find everything you are looking for, and maybe a little more.

The Intention Tree

Imagine a place in the forest made just for you. Somewhere that you can unwind from all the excitement and enjoy all of the beautiful trees. As you enjoy...

Cosmic Abundance Tea Lounge

The Cosmic Abundance Tea Lounge is a sacred space for heart-connection through the offering of purposefully blended tea.

Magical Marketplace

Our Magical Marketplace is a place to find that special artifact of your Lucidity experience.

Drum & Fire Circle

We welcome and invite the drum into this space and host daily Drum Circle from 11 AM - NOON, facilitated by Drumming Sounds.

Star Gazing Campground

Enjoy an all new way to experience camping at Lucidity in the all new star gazing quiet camping location taking place in our upper parking lot.

Hive 5

Hive 5 has been pushing the good vibe at Lucidity since 2011 and continues to offer delightful theme camp offerings


BubbleCamp creates an atmosphere that turns every Lucidity Participant into a child the moment the first bubble appears in sight. Dancing through a magical wonderland of bubbles will take...

Whimsical WiSH Wagon

The Wagon will show you how your wishes ARE coming true and there are few activities you can do to help boost your WiSH so it will come true!...

Abuela Gardens Watershed Regeneration

Abuela Gardens is a non-profit community organization in Mendocino county focused on Aligning the heart, hands, and health by offering workshops on natural building, watershed regeneration, and beyond organic...

Mongol Tribe Seed Library and Education Hub

The Mongol Tribe Seed Library and Education Hub is an interactive experience where participants will gain critical knowledge about the value of heirloom seeds.