Enchanted Creatures Collective

When we were little kids, we knew there was magic in the world. We built castles out of sticks, became dragons or pirates or heroes on command, and lived out epic, dramatic adventures effortlessly. Do you remember how real everything was? The world was a big, mysterious, mystical frontier with endless possibilities. But for a lot of us, it was not to last. As we aged, mainstream society’s influences poisoned our imaginations and opened our eyes up to the “common reality”, where we are told that magic doesn’t exist, where our creativity is suppressed, where a lot of our childhood dreams wither and wane. Many of us see no choice but to accept this common reality.

The people of Enchanted Creatures Collective are blessed to walk paths where the childhood powers of play, imagination, and creation have been rekindled. We are costume creators, dancers, and immersive role-play performers. Our current project is our flock of human-sized birds, inspired by birds native to Santa Barbara. We aim to behold, capture, and channel the magic of the natural world around us; with the purpose of sharing, inspiring, and awakening all to the beauty of life. Come soar with us, friends: the sky awaits us.