Lineup  Poster. This links to full list of musicians on our lineup.

Lucidity Festival Auroras’ Light

June 28 – 30, 2024
Live Oak Campground, Santa Barbara, CA

Year in and year out, dreamers from across many realms gather in the oak dotted hills above Santa Barbara and build more than a festival, they build a city of our collective dreams. This city is an earthly reflection of a mythic place that sits in our imaginations and in our hearts, at the center of all space and time, where all possibilities, all creativity and all Love is born. 

We know this place as The Lucid City.

Lineup  Poster. This links to full list of musicians on our lineup.

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More than a Festival

Lucidity has built a narrative for over 12 years and you have been a co-author.

Our participant applications have closed and we begin the process of bringing more exceptional creators to Live Oak. We can’t wait to unveil our Line-up, as well as, Visual Artists, Workshops, Healers, Performers, Vendors, and Mythos Oracles.

Spring into Summer

A new Season for Lucidity

This year join us as we enjoy Live Oak in the early days and nights of summer. In past years, we’ve held the festival in the first week of April. We are excited to experience longer days and warmer nights in June.

Astral Wanderer Program

The Astral Wanderer program provides the opportunity for members of the Lucid Community to access a lower-priced ticket for the festival if a standard price ticket is out of reach given their present situation.

A smiling young woman jumping happily with a view of the festival behind her.