The Council For Peace was formed by Lucidity in 2014 in an effort to bring together Indigenous elders and cultural wisdom keepers from near and far, in an effort to foster unity, peace, healing and a concerted effort in the expansion of consciousness. This began with building relations with our local Chumash community and quickly extended outward as opportunities created pathways to building many cultural bridges. Today we are blessed to have returning, and new, ambassadors of peace, unity, and love which inform our opening and closing ceremonies and offer wisdom through traditional songs, story, and ceremony during the festival. While the magic of these ambassadors are felt throughout the festival and are hosted over many areas, these friends - now Lucid Family - can often be found sharing around the Drum & Fire Circle or in the I AM HEALING Sanctuary.

This Council also has an internal function, which provides a safe and authentic space during the festival for ambassadors to center around their needs and the communities they represent; to bring about awareness, uplift and support each other by sharing our strengths. A vision of this Council is to provide opportunities for the Lucidity Community and beyond to cross cultural bridges and experience rich and authentic cultures in exchange for financial and physical work to support tribal needs. The process has been slow, but the trust build through these relations is invaluable and can be witnessed in the dreams we weave together.