Heather Kesner

Heather Kesner is a fire dancer based in Santa Barbara, CA. Her main flow props are dragonstaff and silk fans, and she has recently begun learning the whimsical art of hat juggling! She was gifted her first fire spinning prop at Lucidity 2016, a dragonstaff, from two dear friends. That sparked a re-kindled passion for dance and play, and has led her to numerous beautiful communities from all around the world, of friends and artists that feel like home. From California festivals to a remote island off of the southern coast of Cambodia, family has been found through fire and flow. Heather has performed at local SB venues, private events, Serenity Gathering, a beach hostel in Vietnam, and her journey has also come full circle with the honor of performing at Lucidity Festival in 2018. She is forever grateful for the community that fire dancing has led her to, and plans to keep the flow arts flame burning of play and life-long learning!