Heather Christie

A sound that is future-soul sensibilities with an electric-groove that even your grandma can’t help but dance to. Moving hearts and bodies, the music of Heather Christie coupled with multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Vir McCoy craft a sonic concoction that forge rivers through genres. A funky feeling, soulful melodies, and inspirational lyricism carry the songs through. A dynamic duo on the stage, Heather Christie’s passionate vocals carry tinges of a gospel era, and Vir’s electric guitar sidles into electronic beats with a rhythm and worldly flavor that remind you guitar is not dead. Filled with rhodes piano and the Turkish cumbus at times, their sound is truly eclectic. An artist on The Polish Ambassador’s label Jumpsuit Records, Heather has worked with popular producers Phutureprimitive, The Human Experience, Saqi, KR3TURE, Sol Rising, Equanimous, and more; she is a founding member of the duo Feral Fauna (writers of viral song ‘Tincture’), and runs 2 Suns Booking. Vir is a founding member of Hamsa Lila, popular world beat band of the early 2000’s, and plays in the Dogon Lights as well as with Evan Fraser (of Dirtwire) as a global roots duo. Catch Vir’s children set this weekend, and check out his underground comedy classic ‘Sensitive People’ online. Expect more to come from these two in 2020 and beyond.