Indy Rishi Singh

Indy Rishi Singh is a wellbeing engineer. He leads corporate wellness workshops-retreats with Fortune 500 companies, provides burnout & resilience retreats-workshops for healthcare workers, law enforcement and activist organizations, mindfulness workshops with students in schools and universities, and is an active volunteer locally and globally. Indy Rishi is a cooperative co-founder with SOGO, developing technology to improve civic engagement and empower citizens with civic wisdom ( He is also a co-founder of an education experience platform called Cosmic Labyrinth ( which is awakening the inner child in us all! Indy Rishi is a board member on the 501c3 nonprofit Cultivating Self (, which is a caregiver community committed to collectively improving healthcare and he is on the board of advisors for an evolutionary orphanage in Varanasi, India ( Indy is a wellbeing consultant for several artificial intelligence wellness projects.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Neuroplasticity Laughter Playshop

    60 min | Movement Lab

    A Neuroplasticity Laughter Playshop is an interactive science experience exploring the neuroplasticity, the power of laughter, effective communication, and Kundalini play. Indy Rishi Singh has brought this practice into Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations around the world, vulnerable communities, and many other spaces. This playshop is an opportunity to learn how to use laughter to improve our lives and our communities.