Heather Christie

Heather studied expressive arts therapy at Tamalpa Institute, and received her yoga teaching certification through BambooYogaPlay in Costa Rica. Heather originated a curriculum for a class at the University of Washington on mind-body connection. Heather is primarily a singer-songwriter, producer and ‘musicpreneur’. Her music has been on many playlists and dance floors around the world. She has been doing independent music for 7 years, and singing for over 20. She is an artist on Jumpsuit Records, indie label of The Polish Ambassador. Heather is passionate about uplifting other artists to create their best path, and offers group and private lessons & mentorship.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Alchemizing Emotion Into Song

    75 min | The River Stage (Altar of Water)

    In this workshop, we’ll explore how the raw emotions we feel can become amazing material to be expressed through song.
    As humans, we experience countless emotions in our lives, and many daily. From relationships, to climate grief, to ancestral trauma, to cyclical mood swings… It is important to create safe spaces to not only FEEL our emotions, but to CHANNEL them in constructive ways. The art of song creation can be an incredible way to distill and ‘alchemize’ these feeling states into art.

    The workshop will include:
    – Vocal toning
    – ‘Infinity Loop’ singing technique
    – Structural mechanics of singing
    – Song-catching exercises
    – Expressive Arts Linking
    – Sharing & group integration

    This is a time to get in touch with your feeling & sensing self; it is for you if you are ready to take a step into embodying your authentic expression. ALL levels of singing are welcome!