Regenerative Action Day

April 6th, 2022

Regeneration Earth: 2022 is an invitation to recognize and actualize our potential to be co-creators with the Earth. As we move from extractor consciousness to steward consciousness, it is our responsibility to actively participate in the renewal, restoration, and reclamation of thriving ecological and social systems.

Lucid University is honored to host this Regenerative Action Day at Live Oak, facilitated by Loren Luyendyk – certified Permaculture instructor and owner of Santa Barbara Organics – along with guest instructors.

Participants will receive inspiring training highlighting regenerative frameworks and best practices, along with the opportunity to be in service through a give-back project at the Lucidity Festival venue.

Start your purposeful festival experience as an early arrival participant and enjoy the additional time to deepen with the land and community of Lucidity Festival.

  • Learn what Regenerative actually means
  • Discover how we can create the conditions for regeneration to happen
  • Learn key principles & practices for implementing Regenerative Design
  • Deepen connection with Lucidity Venue during Native Plant Walk
  • Get your hands dirty and participate in a give-back service project at Live Oak
  • Join pre-festival programming with Art Temple and Movement Lab

Meet the Instructor For the Day

  • Head shot of Loren Luyendyk

    Loren Luyendyk

    Loren “The Lorax” Luyendyk creates epic edible arboretums wherever he resides. He first learned of Permaculture while growing food in Antarctica in 1998, which inspired him to dedicate his life to re-awaken the innate abundance in Nature and to take an active role in Earth stewardship. He has since traveled the globe for his studies and teaching in the fields of Permaculture Design, Organic and Biodynamic Farming, Arboriculture, Agroecology, Regrarians® Whole Farm Planning, Keyline® Design, Holistic Management, Natural Building, and Soil Microbiology. Loren is a Certified Arborist and Permaculture Designer/Educator. See more of Loren’s work here: Santa Barbara Organics  and Permaculture International.