Rabia Hayek

Rabia Hayek is visionary and founder of the effort known as ‘Do As One’ to unite 1 Billion people in breathing together as one human family. As a speaker and breathworker, Rabia travels the globe teaching people how to use breathing in ways they never have, in order to awaken their life force to its full potential. Rabia teaches optimal and conscious breathing practices through his Life Force Mastery breathing modality. Hayek is passionate about developing ways to bring conscious breathing practices into daily life, using technology to connect us rather than separate us. Rabia is a member of the International Breathwork Foundation and is currently leading efforts to add ‘breathwork’ and ‘breathworker’ to the dictionary and is one of the founders of the annual World Breathing Day holiday happening on April 11th. Rabia is also a professional musician, spoken word artist and elixir inventor.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Breathing BLASTOFF

    90 min | Altar of Spirit

    We are in a very pivotal time in our evolution as a human species where humans either know how to use their breathing consciously or they do not. Are you feeling called to know more about your breathing and how to use it to create massive energization, deep relaxation and effortless entry into heightened meditation. I will be sharing techniques you can use on your own and we will be boosting the Life Force as a group with music and feeling the deliciousness of breathing together as one human family. Is it time you got to know your breathing and what it is capable of creating? What do you think they meant by “may the Force be with you?”

  • Handdrum Wizardry

    30 min | Drum & Fire Circle

    Pythagoras had classified Music and Mathematics to be two of the three pillars of the school he founded. When you discover that most of modern day music is based on 4 beats per measure, it is hard to believe that we have limited our music in such a way. I am inviting you to come learn how to drum in the meters of 5, 7, 9, and 13! We will be playing and feeling these beats and how they differ from what we are often listening to in mainstream music. These odd rhythms affect us at a cellular level and perhaps you’ll feel that. Join us and let’s groove in fresh ways together!