Shylah Ray

Shylah Ray Sunshine is an award-nominated influential vocalist, musician, mother and Soul Voice Singing coach.

Blending unique styles of Neo Soul, R&B, Reggae, Blues and Hip-hop, Shylah has inspired audiences with her gospel-like voice and ultra-moving lyrics. Her hit single “Existence” has achieved placement in dozens of advertisements and was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media award (Best Song with Message/Social Impact). Shylah  is self-taught vocally, on piano, percussion and a student of traditional African drumming, with a keen sense of rhyrthm and is known as a wildly authentic performer and entertainer. The demand for her musical presence and impressive repertoire grows as she continues to reach new levels of creative stardom, including a new album on the way and has a partnering relationship with the UK based Record Label and Agency 101bpm for placement in ads, Radio, Tv and commercials.

After years of demand, Shylah has been offering her Soul Voice Singing sessions, a voice empowerment program, which offers Singing lessons and Songwriting Sessions to those of all ages and levels of experience. Her musical projects have fueled a multitude of singles, collaborations, live performances and the recent release of her first full length album “Into the Wild”, Shylah Ray inspires and uplifts her audience, fans and followers by using her passion, power and never-ending pleasure of singing and performing.