Take a visual journey through the Lucidity Narrative and the Lucidity Festival experience with our video library…

Hippie Watching Playlist

Regeneration Earth (Leaf’s Awakening)

Reflecting on Moon’s Eye View

River and the Moon’s Eye View animation

Moon’s Eye View – River’s Awakening

Mindful Feeding at Lucidity

Transformation at Lucidity

Lucidity is Family Forward

Lucid FUN Awaits Next Month!

Be an Ambassador of the Heart

Connection and Creativity at Lucidity

Transformation at Lucidity

Rising Dawn

The Crossroads to Eudaimonia

What is Eudaimonia?



Kindred Quest

Luci & The Lucidity Mythos

Universe – We are Universal

Universe – We are Interconnected

The Totem’s Return – Behind The Scenes

The Totems’ Return – Dream With Us

Awake in your Dreams

Lucidity Core Values

February 25, 2019

Elemental Realms