Ridesharing With Ricky Rides

Lucidity Core Value: Environmental & Social Responsibility

We strive to leave the smallest footprint possible when hosting our beloved festival. We understand that taking the long haul to Lucidity can add a burden to the environment as fuel emissions contribute to greenhouse gases. In addition, we’d like to keep the numbers of cars on site to a minimum. This helps outs the flora at Live Oak. We’d love to see those Oaks continue to flourish without having their roots systems crushed under the pressure of automobiles.

With this in mind, we’ve partnered with Ricky Rides to lighten the impact of getting to and from Lucidity.

How it Works

Ricky Rides brings festival goers together for the purpose of sharing rides to their favorite events. If you can offer a ride, Create a Ridepost. If you need a ride, look for a pin near you on the map! If you’re new to Ricky Rides, you can get the simple download by clicking INSTRUCTIONS once you arrive on the website.

A screenshot of Ricky Rides Lucidity page.

So, head on over to Ricky Rides and start planning your rideshare. It’s good for the environment, plus, you might just end up with a cool friend for life!