The Elemental Avatars of Lucidity’s New Story

Within the Lucid Universe, you’ll meet some exciting new characters. You’ll come across Human Avatars embodying the essence of each element: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit. You’ll also find nonhuman Elementals, the purest and most ancient forms of the elements themselves. Finally, each Elemental is accompanied by a Spirit Animal. Have fun exploring all these different personalities, faces, and forms!

If you see an Elemental, challenge it, work with it, honor its guidance. If you see an Avatar, confront it, question it’s legitimacy, and discover what lessons it can teach you. This work is fun, no doubt, but it’s also vital in this time on the planet to be engaging.

And remember, you, too, embody the essence of each element. Bring forth the one which is strongest within you. Leave your own vibrational traces in the Lucid Universe.