Elemental Realm of Water

Water is the first element necessary to create and sustain life – think of the oceans and seas that covered the planet before the first peaks of land emerged.  Water has the ability to quickly change from solid, to liquid, to vapor. It makes up approximately 70-80% of our bodies and of the Earth.  Water is believed to carry coding and can store memory – much like crystals do – and can be a powerful conductor for electricity. The Oracle of the Well is a place to learn about the ways in which water can support you. How can you be a better conductor, a sustainer of life, and a carrier of the codes of purity and healing?

The Water Realm is a place of cool easeful flow. Within this realm you’ll for movement and healing, environments that evoke emotional responses, temples and altars that give gratitude for the wellspring of life that flows through us all, and art pieces and workshops that pay homage to the Moon, fertility, dreams, friendships, and transformation.