Jose Ajpu Munoz

Jose  is a Time Keeper, spiritual guide and ceremonial leader of the Mayan Chor’Ti people.  Additionally, Jose is the carrier of the new 26,000 year Cycle Calendar known as the Sixth Sun Calendar which started at the turn of the cycle in December 22nd 2012. and the  spoken word of Mayan History from the years of 1444 to 1529 for which he works in what he calls the Northern Territories which range from Guatemala to the west of Alaska and to the East of Montreal.

He has been dedicated to world peace since 1990 and works with several other peace groups.  As Jose says, “I am of service to EVERYONE”. {Note: Jose Federico currently is based out of southern California.}

Jose’s current mission includes speaking to audiences raising awareness of the Global transformational events coming to Humanity on the Path to 2036, and bringing Sixth Sun Mayan Calendars schools of thought Human Humanoid Dream Catcher re-charge stations as solution proposals for survival of all species local to Mother Earth.  As Jose helps the people remember that “We are all Indigenous to this planet”

Workshops & Presentations

  • Mayan Calendars Cosmology for the Present World

    75 min | Drum & Fire Circle

    A Mayan Calendar Dream Catcher Portal
    Brings thoughts into form.
    Brings our dreams to 3D reality
    Brings community together.
    Brings the spritual world the dream world and the 3D world into ONE.
    Helps us remember to manifest consciously.
    Takes our thoughts and prayers to the unverse.
    Helps us connect with our highest self.
    Is a memory trigger to the ancient future. This sixth Sun Mayan Calendar MOBILE Dream catcher portal is yours to manifest everything for the highest good.

  • Cacao and Kundalini Yoga

    60 min | The River Stage (Altar of Water)

    In sacred Cacao ceremony we gather to pray and move energy together with the purity of intention. Joining the ancient future technologies of moving, chanting, and remembering how to manifest together. After a beautiful heart opening warm cacao medicine ceremony we will blast massive amounts of inner chi and conditional love to the universe. This is a unique way of staying “lucid” manifesting love, unity, balance, peace, joy, and harmony in our hearts and sharing with the entire festival.

    Kundallini Yoga portion by Zoe Raven.