The Lucidity Narrative

Lucidity Festival is more than just a festival. It’s also an immersive story that features YOU!

Each festival is a chapter in a larger narrative. The story is based on a framework of theories about the expansion of consciousness, developmental psychology, and The Hero/Heroine’s Journey. The 12 year story is organized into 4 Trilogies.

Radiating Perspectives

Each trilogy in our story represents 4 expanding concentric rings of awareness. 

The first trilogy was all about personal transformation: “the I and Me”, egocentric in its perspective. 

The second trilogy was about collective transformation: “the We”, and was ethnocentric in its perspective. 

The third trilogy told stories of global transformation: “All Of Us”, and saw through the lens of a world centric perspective. 

Finally, the fourth trilogy relates to Universal Consciousness: “All There Is”, holding space and existing in a non-dual state of allowance of All. Even the duality inherent in “seeing through a lens” is dissolved into a more holistic experience of ultimate Is-ness. 

Read more about the theory informing Lucidity’s mythic story framework.

The Great Synthesis

The first installment of our fourth trilogy revolves around the theme of Universal Consciousness.

The totem animals from our first 6 years and the elementals from the last 3 years are back. Their synthesis will be revealed throughout our evolving Festival content in the next chapters.

For example, the Space Whale has been present as a totem representing the Dreamers of the Lucid Multiverse since the very beginning, however, it was never fully acknowledged… until now. 

We say thank you to Space Whale for reminding us that we swim in an ocean of etheric possibility, and that we can find harmony through our collective Dream Song.

Visual map of the Lucid Multiverse described below.

At the center of the multiverse stands the Lucid City, held in place by the sweet lucid dreams of the dreamers from across the multiverse. The totem animals are each guardians of 8 temples from across the many realms, these temples are the opening portals to auroras, rainbow bridge wormholes that connect the realms of the Lucid Multiverse and lead to the heart of all existence, The Lucid City.

Luci and the Origin of the Map

Luci, our story’s heroine, discovered the map engraved on the face of an emerald amulet, in a chest in her late grandmother’s house.

This magical item allows her to traverse the multiverse, through the many elemental realms, in search of the 8 totem temples where the Guardians of the Lucid Multiverse reside.

And now we ponder: How will Luci use the map? What can we learn from her?

The Ever Creeping Fog

The Fog is the forceless face of fear. In recent years, it is creeping around the Lucid City and preventing dreamers from traveling through the auroras that lead to it, clogging them up with nightmares, shades, and haunts. The Fog is simultaneously a product of human despair and fear, and it is replicating such negative vibes in the imaginations of the lucid dreamers from across the multiverse.

Beware, there are Agents of The Fog everywhere, plotting the fall of The Lucid City into the Abyss forever.

It is up to us to stop them!