Lucidity Narrative

Lucidity Invites You to seed a new garden and participate in regenerating Earth!

In our first six years, we told the story of Lucidity through the lens of Luci’s dreamworld. It was a story of identity, transformation, community, and Lucid Dreaming. Now, we’re weaving a tale based on a foundation of Lucid Living. We are bringing the magic of the dreamworld into the light of our waking day consciousness.

After the fire fueled re-awakening of Rising Dawn in 2018, we then prepared to cool off, to calm down, to heal, and to integrate. Moon’s Eye View was all about stepping back into the witness position and observing the world from a distance. We were being called to look at the ebbs and flows of our emotions, individually, and as communities, and as a species. How does the moon’s gravitational pull influence both our inner felt-scapes and our oceans’ tides? We look to River, the elemental avatar of water, for support and inspiration in this contemplation.

Rising Dawn marked the beginning of a new day and a new story as Dawn, the elemental avatar of Fire awoke. Moon’s Eye View featured River’s awakens into the center of this story arc, she realizes that there’s a whole world of challenge to be acknowledged. And despite this challenge, she’s encouraged, by the ongoing reminder being pulsed by the Lucid Family, that we are the dreamers of this dream and we can co-create our destiny.

Our team of storytellers are being guided, perhaps by the characters of the story themselves, to invite YOU, our audience, to co-author this new story with us. Let us share what we’ve foreseen so far, in the hopes that you might take the torch and move the story forward in a myriad of unique ways that honor the heart and essence of the Lucidity Mythos.

7 Things You Should Know About the Lucidity Universe.

  1. You’ve been the dreamer at the heart of our story all along.

    You may believe that Lucidity is produced by a team of radio wielding multidimensional dreamers, crafting elaborate experiences, immersive environments, and heartful moments, and on one plane of reality this holds true. However, the more poignant and esoteric truth is that you’ve been the ones making this magic all along… even if you’ve never been to Lucidity Festival before. Just like Fantasia in the Neverending Story, Lucidity is a place that is fueled by your imagination, your wishes, your dreams. Except Lucidity exists in both the dreamtime, and in waking, positioning two dimensions for us to play in. We’ve traversed through six years of dreamtime, meeting many archetypal aspects of ourselves as well as their totem animal guides. Now, in this waking reality, we meet the archetypal elemental essences, and a similar realization follows: they are all a part of YOU!

  2. The Last Six Years Were an Elaborate Lucid Dream Sequence - Now We Are Awake

    Dreams were nested within dreams, featuring Luci as your inner dreamer within the dream.

    • 2012

      Luci awoke in the dream, recognizing it as a dream while still within the dream, amidst rainstorms, mudpuddles, lightning, space whales, and LOVE!

    • 2013

      Luci met totem animals and village archetypes and explored the many layers to her multidimensional being.

    • 2014

      Luci realized these totems and archetypes were all a part of her already. She then astral projected into the cosmos and met her intergalactic twin, Starbling, and a host of star families.

    • 2015

      As depicted in this animation we created as a part of our Lucidity Mythos project,  Luci goes on a Kindred Quest, learning from her ancestral and galactic past and joining her tribe around the All Tree.

      (Read about the making of this magical animated film.)

    • 2016

      Luci showed up to face the present moment, a more confident and learned adventurer, poised to join her community in facing the challenges of this unique Now in human history. A myriad of possible timelines fractured in all directions, she chooses the one she gives her lucid attention to.

    • 2017

      Eventually returning home to a thriving Eudaimonia, Luci holds this dream of a peaceful, abundant, and green human future on Planet Earth as the goal worthy of her love and spirit.

    • 2018

      We stand on a precipice, and looking out upon the horizon, with gratitude for the integration of the learnings from a long and challenging quest fulfilled, we see a familiar sunrise. A new day is upon us. A new story is welling in our hearts. We see this next rite of passage as a new quest toward a unified humanity, and we joyfully say YES, and Thank You!

    • 2019

      From Moon’s unique vantage point, she sees all that transpires on our pale blue dot — all our joys and all our pain, all of our creating and all of our destruction. She insists that we must be willing to fearlessly journey into the great unknown if we wish to share such an expanded perspective!

    • 2020 - 2022 Concept Poster for Regeneration Earth. Lush green with far away peaceful cityscape.

      We step confidently into this big place, knowing our actions and deeds affect all of life and ripple outward in infinite directions. We stand up again and resolve to be Guardians, Stewards and Engaged Activators, not just for our own backyards, not just for the village we call home, but for our communities and for our precious garden planet.

  3. Like all epic myths, this one has a creation story.

    Our origin story, the beginning of the Lucid Universe, paves the way for all that’s come before and all that is still yet to come. Get lost and found in our creation story, be inspired to create within this Universe.

  4. This was Dawn's moment of awakening. What will River's look like?

    The new narrative arc found Dawn waking up from her long lucid dream sequence, back into this waking world. Dawn, a human, learns that she’s also an avatar of an ancient fire elemental and experiences a strong connection with the Sun. Like Luci, Dawn represents the fire in You and her waking up is the waking up of the fire elemental in your very being! We are looking to find episodes that explore River’s awakening moment. If you wish to weave this story with us, we encourage you to submit an episode!

  5. Dawn is not alone, she’s got a whole team!

    As we’ve been listening, we’ve become aware that in this Now, there are other elementals waking up in other humans too. We’ve identified Leaf, River, and Zephyr as Dawn’s cohort of elemental avatars. Learn all about this cast of characters and their totem allies here. We look forward to seeing how you dream these characters awake in your artful expressions, in your rituals of embodiment, and in all of your meaningful lucid engagements. This is the heart of our invitation to you!

  6. The Archetypal Villages of yesteryear are gone... a fond remembrance from a dream. Moving here onward, Lucidity will be organized into 5 Elemental Realms!

    The 7 archetypal villages of the lucid dream of the first 6 years (Healers’ Sanctuary, Nomads; Nook, Lovers’ Nest, Warriors’ Way, Trixters’ Playground, Goddess Grove, and The Family Garden) exist in our psyches always already along with the spirit animals that watch over them (Owl, Monkey, Doves, Tiger, Coyote, Jaguar, and Dragon). As we wake up and look around, we see and acknowledge that our waking reality is governed by 5 elements, each with a realm unto themselves, an Oracle of timeless wisdom, and an elemental avatar. Read more about the elemental realms and their corresponding Oracles here.

  7. We’re inviting YOU to co-author the next chapters of our story with us.

    While our team of storytellers have provided a framework, and some examples of episodes (The Creation Story & Dawn’s Awakening found below), we are inviting you to co-author our story with us, through whatever artful medium you feel called to create in. We want you to take our new Elemental Avatars for a walk of your own. We will be releasing parts of the story as the years go forward and we want your contributions to guide, inform and add character development the process. This a perfect time for you, the illustrator, the painter, the sculptor, the writer, the dreamer, the creator to weave your piece into this open-source narrative. We’re inviting writing submissions, photography, original artwork, video, collage, performance art and any other medium through which you express your creativity. Dive into the emergent co-creative process that has been a hallmark of Lucidity Festival since its inception. Your story episode might just come to be incorporated into the Mythos of the next six year cycle and live on in the minds and hearts of the Lucid Family for lifetimes.