Andia Katz

Andia is movement artist, fire spinner, healer and flow explorator. Her philosophy is that through movement, we can heal our wounds. Her life calling consists of combining free form movement with healing Reiki energy to help move stagnancy through the body; in order to release, move forward and exist within the realm of our highest potential. She is here in service, to offer and help co-create a safe, healing experience for those who are ready to receive fresh energy, allow their bodies to move and to release what no longer is.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Energy Infused Dance Medicine Journey

    75 min | Water Flow (Movement Lab)

    Come join in a sacred and healing journey of combining energy and free form movement in order to release what no longer serves us, creating space within ourselves to manifest our deepest dreams. We will begin by sitting together in circle, experiencing guided meditation, setting intentions and receiving a sacred Reiki infusion. Then transitioning into an energy infused dance medicine journey, we will allow our bodies to be guided by our own unique free form movement, to feel, release and heal in whichever way feels good. Come as you are and move as you like! No prior experience is required.