The Elemental Realms of Lucidity’s New Story

The sun is rising on a New Dawn, and as we stir from our slumber and open our eyes, all the images of a long and beautiful lucid dream come rushing through our memory. Tigers, Trixters, Monkeys, Lovers, Doves, Healers, Jaguars, Nomads, Owls, Dragons, Warriors, Families, Coyotes, Goddesses. What do all these images mean? There were villages, there were musical stages, performers flying through the trees, a marketplace and a Lucid City, an art gallery, a healing sanctuary, and a Family Garden. There were smiling faces, funny characters, heavy beats, and epic bass drops. Maps of the dreamworld scribbled on the back of bandanas helped us navigate a strange and mystical dreamscape, and there seemed to be a story, guiding us to an apex point of human thriving, a Eudaimonia of the good life rooted in the virtues of the most high.

And Now… upon waking… we look around and see a world in need of the visions from our dreams more than ever. How will we stand tall in our lives, having been to the places we’ve been, having seen what’s possible when we believe in the dream? We step out into this day with inspiration to call forth a new story for ourselves, for our community, and for our world. This is a story of Lucid Living.

The New Story of Lucidity features Elemental Realms in place of the Archetypal Villages from the past 6 years. Rather than 7 Villages and a Lucid City, the New Story will showcase the 5 Elemental Realms of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Spirit. We invite you to explore this new map and to dance Lucidity into the light of day. Interact with the characters you find, ask questions, and you might just find there’s a deeper game to play, a more profound meaning to it all, a link between the dreamtime and this waking life that could just be the answer to the ever-burning questions you hold in your heart.