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Lucidity Festival

Drum & Fire Circle

Gathering around the fire has been a sacred past time for millennia cross-culturally for the benefit of heat, food, storytelling, and song. Fire invites intention, fosters imagination, burns away fears and that which no longer serves us, and is a wild embodiment of raw creation and destruction.  We honor this tradition as a ceremonial space meant to spark awareness, bring the warmth of community, and to brighten our paths.

Elders and Wisdom Keepers from Council for Peace share indigenous wisdom and ancient stories. Storytelling is the lifeblood of culture. It is through our stories that we share meaning and knowledge. Storytelling symbolizes our deep past and future dreams, unifying us with shared visions and experiences of the tapestry of life.

The drum beat symbolizes our heart and breath and unifies the energetic field of all those present.  We welcome and invite the drum into this space and host daily Drum Circle from 11 AM – NOON, facilitated by Drumming Sounds.  The drumming protocol shared by these facilitators have positive benefits with mental health disorders, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, those impacted by or recovering from cancer, major injuries, and chronic illness, as well as those suffering through challenging emotional states or dealing with bereavement.  The ‘Drum Circle’ inspires community, connection, unity, and healing.

For Regeneration Earth, the Drum & Fire Circle is contained within the Mayan Dream Calendar re-created and evolving through different events since it’s inception at Standing Rock, which further grounds and amplifies the energy of the Drum & Fire Circle – creating a galactic portal for the manifestation of dreams into 3D reality.  Come to learn, connect, and activate your multidimensional self in a truly unique environment.

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Elemental Realm of Fire