Elemental Realm of Fire

Fire provides warmth when the world turns cold. It is an active element of passion and purpose, providing the spark for creativity, love, and transformation. Fire is greatly connected to our Sun, the celestial body that we revolve around. The elder wisdom of our planetary parent, and the essence of the element of fire is all about the burning embers of creation, destruction, purification, and transmutation. The Oracle of the Hearth will help you identify that inside you which is ready to burn, either for the sake of forging and manifestation, or for the sake of release and change.

The Elemental Realm of Fire is where you’ll journey when you want to turn your chi dial up to 11. In this Realm you’ll find our beloved fireside storytelling zone, environments that offer safe space for the healthy exploration of love, gender alchemy, intimacy, poetry and music. The creative arts that you discover here may inspire adoration, devotion, joy, or even fury. You’ll find our Alive Stage nestled among the trees, with vibes curated to set your heart ablaze.

Stages and Venues

Installations and Theme Camps