Elemental Realm of Fire

The Elemental Realm of Fire is where you’ll journey when you want to turn your chi dial up to 11. In this Realm you’ll find our beloved fireside storytelling zone, environments that offer safe space for the healthy exploration of love, gender alchemy, intimacy, poetry and music. The creative arts that you discover here may inspire adoration, devotion, joy, or even fury. You’ll find our Dusty Barrel environment nestled among the trees, with vibes curated to get your boots stomping and your heart ablaze.

Fire’s Characteristics & The Oracle of the Hearth

Fire provides warmth when the world turns cold. It is an active element of passion and purpose, providing the spark for creativity, love, and transformation. Fire is greatly connected to our Sun, the celestial body that we revolve around. The elder wisdom of our planetary parent, and the essence of the element of fire is all about the burning embers of creation, destruction, purification, and transmutation. The Oracle of the Hearth will help you identify that inside you which is ready to burn, either for the sake of forging and manifestation, or for the sake of release and change.

The Elemental Avatar of Fire

Dawn & The Shapeshifting Salamander

Dawn, a human and the feminine embodiment of the Element of Fire, rises from the ashes of a long and intense lucid dream sequence, seemingly spanning the last 6 years. Bleary eyed and still slightly enchanted by the dream, she takes her time to come into Now. In this life Dawn is an activist working in service of Good. She is a firm guardian for healthy process, metabolizing fuel and turning it into super-charged creative energy. Together with her familiar, a small but powerful Red Shapeshifting Salamander, they remind others of the importance of following passion and of burning that which does not serve in the fires of transformation. If you run into Dawn and her Salamander (which may also take the shape of a Phoenix from time to time), thank her for waking up and for calling us all together again.

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The Elemental Realm of Fire is one of 5 Realms that are clustered throughout the meadows and majestic Oaks of the Lucidity landscape. Each has it’s own personality, mood and resonance. If you are drawn to earth energies, then you may often be found in the Earth Realm.

Find out about the other realms and how you can participate in the Lucidity Narrative.

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These Environments can be found in this Realm:

  • The Dusty Barrel

    When you step into the Dusty Barrel, make sure you’ve got everything you need for a while. This rustic, spontaneous encapsulation of the Wild West tends to lasso its visitors by the boot heels and not let

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  • Altar of Fire

    This Altar is a place for you to dive deep into workshops on connection, intimacy, gender, consent, sensuality, expression, and the tantric nature of balancing our inner fire.

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  • Trixters Trading Post and Playground

    Join the Coyotes of the Trixters’ Playground at your local Trading Post! This is a place to find everything you are looking for, and maybe a little more.

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  • Frick Frack Blackjack

    Step right up and place a bet, but there’s one catch: there’s no money allowed. So what do you have? What’s in your pockets? Put something down and I’ll pull something out from my collection of oddities to match and the bet is secured.

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  • The All Intention Tree

    This magical space is a multi-dimensional portal capable of sending your intentions into all worlds, amplified with the collective prayers and souls desire of all who visit it.

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