Wellness Sourcing

Drumming Sounds is a drum circle facilitation company; owned, operated and devoted to by loving partners Andrew Ecker DCF and Monica Patton DCF, both trained in an evidence based healing protocol called HealthRHYTHMS. For us, drum circle is about more than just drumming; it is about the collective experience, building community, enhancing quality of life through experience and holding space for the individual to explore self through the whole, the community. We promote empowerment and give license to cultivating a sacred space where demographics fade and people connect at the most basic of humanness through rhythm, harmony and co-creation. Through our use of the Drumming Sounds intentional drumming protocol we bring communities of all kinds together in love and gratitude and in that space the infinite is explored and the ultimate expression of human connection is reached which in turn enters us into the optimal state of human design, connection:love:gratitude. Bringing us all back to the basic rhythm of life, the heartbeat of the planet. Drumming Sounds is committed to community and WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

Monica and I we work mostly in hospitals everyday helping people so when we come to Lucidity it is about reconnecting with our family that is doing amazing work all over the world at our space you can fine hand made drums rattles and ceremonial items that are made by dedicated artist from many different nations and tribes come by our space lets drum lets dance lets pray we are all doing our best.

Festival Locations: