Tuck Yates Tyrrell

Tuck Yates Tyrrell MSc is a barefoot ecologist and Holistic Scientist. As a recent graduate from Schumacher College, he embodies the teachings of Gaia Theory, Deep Ecology, and Processual Philosophy. He works with a single-pointed focus to help our Living Earth heal for the countless generations to come.

The confluence of physics, energy medicine, and ecology has led him into the field of Earth Repair and radical ecosystem regeneration. He works with the inherent aliveness of every being, spring, stream, and river. Tuck practices Ultimate Devotion to our Living Earth and holds his heart high.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Earth is Alive! Gaia Theory and the Planetary Perspective

    75 min | Altar of Earth

    The Earth is alive. This ancient knowing was remembered in the West through James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis’s Gaia Theory. First proposed in the 1970s, during NASA’s search for life on other planets, Lovelock uncovered the living nature of our Mother Earth and the evolving relationships between life and the environment.

    Environments are extensions of life and life is an expression of the environment.

    In this workshop, we will poetically explore elements of planetary self-regulation, interdependence, reciprocity, feedback loops, and the implications of a Living Earth.

    Every stream, shrub, and exhalation contributes directly to the Gaian pattern. It is time for our species to embody a planetary perspective to help seed the generative world our grandchildren's great-grandchildren will call home.

    Inspired directly from Dr. Stephan Harding at Schumacher College.