Zanib is a movement for freedom. She finds liberation through embracing her identity as an Afro-Nubian. Born Tanya Salih, a first-generation American with Sudanese parents, she lives in two cultures from polar parts of the world, and uses her multi-instrumental abilities to tell her story.

Along with her mission to elevate her culture and identity, she seeks to elevate the communities that she lives in. She connects with various sectors of the community to utilize her music and speech as tools of empowerment and action. As an advocate for social justice and community elevation, she builds a platform to educate through her performances. Combined with her Masters degree and professional experience in higher education and social enterprise, Zanib is dedicated to using the stage for the audience to explore more of the world.

The aim of her movement is raise the collective consciousness of the planet through messages of unity, hope and peace. Her passion is ignited by the opportunity to heal the world and evolve towards positive change. She believes that as we continue to recognize the light in all, that light continues to spread.

Zanib has made a reputable name for herself around Denver and internationally doing a vast number of live shows and appearances for different causes. Because of the depth of the messages in her lyrical content, her music and talks are able to serve as a catalyst for deeper conversation and community activism.

Workshops & Presentations

  • What is Freedom?

    60 min | Altar of Spirit

    How do you define freedom? In a world where this word is thrown around, it is hard to pinpoint what it actually means. Through an inspirational story of Zanib’s search for personal freedom, attendees will be inspired to define this word for themselves, and carry it into their own life. We will take a look at case studies from around the world of how others define freedom, and dive into embodying freedom and discovering our unique “freedom waves.”

  • Diversity through Education and Artivism

    90 min | Altar of Spirit

    How do we use our voice and creativity to raise awareness of social conflicts around the world? Zanib talks about her visit back to her motherland of Sudan in December 2018, and the devastation she felt of not being allowed to join her people in protest of a highly taxing government. With the internet shut down around the country, she knew she had to use her duel citizenship to spread the message of the uprising. Later in this workshop, we will empower each other to use our personal art to tell our origin stories and speak up for those who are silenced.