Alexa Jesse

Alexa Jesse is a Certified Health Coach, Cannabis Educator, Musician and Activist living in San Francisco, California. Through personal experiences and traumas she has discovered the healing that happens when we live in harmony with the planet, our bodies, and each other.

At age 22, Alexa discovered the healing benefits of a vegan lifestyle. This transition strengthened her relationship between her body and the planet, and was a catalyst for dramatic growth in all areas of her life.

Alexa attributes her plant-based lifestyle to reconnecting with her intuition, which nudged her to leave her Sports Marketing career to follow her passions of wellness and music. She worked her way up to the top as a Sales Representative at MINDBODY, Inc, and after five years she left to pursue her own endeavors. Within a week of leaving her corporate job, she got into a car accident and ended up on disability for nearly two years recovering from a shattered pelvis and other injuries.

During her rehabilitation she discovered the healing powers of cannabis and felt called to educate others on the incredible benefits of this plant. She is now a Marketing Consultant working with various cannabis brands in the Bay Area while simultaneously recording her debut album. You can follow along on her journey on Instagram @alexajesse, as well as check out her website

Workshops & Presentations

  • Elevate Your Health: Healing With Cannabis

    75 min | Plant Medicine Way

    Elevate Your Health: Healing with Cannabis is a conversation about breaking the cultural stigma and addressing mis-information relating to the cannabis plant. The mainstream emergence of this ancient medicine raises a variety of questions. Doctors agree that cannabis is an acceptable supplement for many chronic and serious medical conditions, however most are unable to prescribe it, nor specify usage instructions. In this talk we will discuss the various ways to ingest cannabis as well as dosing, types of cannabinoids, terpenes, product types, and benefits. This will be a safe space for sharing personal experiences as an important factor of cannabis consumption is that it affects everyone differently.

    We will also touch on the history of cannabis and propaganda, its role in racism, classism, and the War on Drugs. These conversations are vital to understanding plant medicine and providing safe access to people who need and deserve it most.

  • Awaken Your Instincts: Becoming a Conscious Consumer

    75 min | Plant Medicine Way

    Join Alexa Jesse for a discussion about how our individual lifestyle choices have a wider reach than we may realize. Each decision we make, from what we eat to what we buy, contributes to various industries that, unbeknownst to us, are wreaking havoc on the environment and communities around the world. By acknowledging the power we have as consumers, we can begin to create new, positive habits that not only align with our values, but that inspire a ripple effect on consumerism as we know it. Walk away with a newfound awareness and tangible steps towards living a more sustainable life.