Keyan Bliss

Keyan Bliss is Move to Amend’s Grassroots Volunteer Coordinator. He currently serves on the Media & Communications, Grassroots Movement, and Political Organizing Committees.

Inspired to join Move to Amend by his brother’s participation within the Occupy movement and student power movement, Keyan first joined Move to Amend in 2013 as an Intern. Since joining, he has served as executive producer of Move to Amend’s online radio program Move to Amend Reports, served on Move to Amend’s National Board of Directors before joining the full-time staff, and currently helps produce their monthly live-streaming program the Move to Amend Live Report. When he’s not providing support for Move to Amend affiliate leaders, he is actively fighting for racial justice and equity alongside his local chapter of Black Lives Matter.

Keyan is a graduate of Indiana University with a B.A. in political science. Keyan views the goal of ending corporate constitutional rights and money as protected speech to be a crucial first step towards lasting systemic change within US society. Once the “We the People” Amendment is adopted into the Constitution, he hopes to expand constitutional reform to include a new bill of rights to expand the protection of civil liberties to all human beings without distinction.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Visionary Panel: Up-leveling the Spiritual Community: Social Activism and Global Politics

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    Cultivation of the spiritual self in no way means that material and political concerns are to be left aside, but this often appears to be the case. How can we re-configure the relationship between the realm of “spirit” and the “shadow realms” of the material world? How might we re-introduce questions of politics, economics, social inequality, and mental health into spiritual discourse and “up-level” the spiritual community so that we engage with larger forces at play in the world? Is there a future for the festival community in the struggle for social justice? If so, how can we break beyond the echo-chamber of festival exclusivity to live and model a “BS-free spiritual” existence?

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