Justine Perrizo

Justine’s journey into yoga began over 14 years ago. After college, she began a career as an elementary school teacher, leading programs to bring Yoga and meditation to kids and teens. After a back injury, Justine was drawn more and more towards making Yoga a bigger part of her life. Through months of physical therapy and a personal study of body mechanics she became very aware of the balancing and strengthening benefits of Pilates, Foundation Training, Resistance Stretching partnered with the freedom and spirituality of Yoga. Through her own healing, she has discovered great fulfillment and joy through helping others heal both spiritually and physically. Justine’s goal for her students is injury prevention, body awareness, and self-love. She is also trained in holotropic breath work and trauma release movement which is often weaved into her classes. When she is not on her mat she is an herbalist specializing in women’s health.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Relax and Restore

    75 min | Movement Lab

    We will open with gentle movement and pranayama to ground and get in our bodies. We'll explore resistance stretching to move through spaces of tight fascia with curiosity and intention. As our bodies warm up we will move through trauma release movements and eventually make our way to our backs for gentle holotropic breathing to cleanse our bodies and mind.