Eddie Ellner

Eddie’s classes reflect everything he’s learned and forgotten.

His Yoga Soup classes combine classic hatha yoga, non-duality flavored dharma, current events, resistance stretching, and the occasional non-ordinary state of consciousness. They are active classes that you can take at your own pace. The invitation is to honor and nurture the opening that surfaces, not to keep pace with the herd. If you need to stop at any point in the class to consider what it means to no longer clench your jaw or hold a grudge in your heart or not be measured by how much you weigh then you must STOP. The point is to illuminate the root cause of suffering and discover the proper tools to meet and resolve it.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Yoga Soup: The Art of Small Things

    90 min | Movement Lab

    A mash-up of various movement styles, unpredictable and likely to be different than anything you’ve done before. You might even have fun.

    The insignificance of his offering doesn’t negate the delight Eddie Ellner takes in its delivery. He looks forward to sharing as much of nothing as possible.