Benjamin Brightheart Pixie

Benjamin Pixie is a husband to many queens (beekeeper), a witch, a plant romancer (herbalist), and an alchemist. He has been the Potions Master, and Beekeeper for the Pixie Traveling Medicine Show for the last 10 years and has now rooted into the wilds of Skalitude to plant nectar forests, grow a village, and create viable alternatives to modern civilization’s rush to extinction.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Bee Magic, Medicine and Alchemy

    90 min | Altar of Earth

    Through poetry, myth, story and science this class will dive deep into the role of Bees as stewards of the fecundity of life and teachers of alternative styles of civilization that promote diversity. Come and take in the sweet plant medicines of the bees while exploring the bitterness of our current experiments in civilization. Come and learn how to be a better bee ally and repair our relationships with the wild plants, the ecosystems in which they dwell & heal colony collapse disorder through creating healthier habitat. Through remembering and celebrating the gifts of the plants, and listening to and furthering the magic and gifts of the bees we can turn the tide of our agricultural practices from nutrient devoid monoculture wastelands to refugia of diversity, vitality and the delicious flowering of life!

  • Romancing the Plants: Poetry, Song and Listening as the Tools of rEvolution:

    90 min | Imaginarium

    Remembering the wilderness inside of us and tending it in the world around us. 21st century humans are waging war on the wilderness of this earth as well as that inside the human heart and imagination.

    We will explore the power of listening, courtship, wooing, and becoming a lover to the green leafed people and the Earth on which they grow. We will share songs and stories of our own opening evolution as human beings through truly witnessing and being present with plant people, and take this opportunity of our collected energies and big overflowing hearts to take human plant relationships to new/ancient heights as forgotten by most who see their faces.

    Come and drink from the wild springs of poetry and song that have never stopped flowing to you & remember how we can live lives of collaboration with the more than human beings.