Kate Eipl

Kate’s been a reiki practitioner since 2017 with an even longer personal practice and an educational background in Psychology with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavior and Function.

She rekindled her love for holistic healing and movement in 2012, when she moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. Kate first began exploring the connection between the mind, body, movement and breath through sports. During that time, she accumulated several sports injuries and was in chromic pain in her ankles, back, hands, and wrists. Tired of relying Advil daily, she became interested in yoga.

After realizing that her life had become one repetitious cycle, consumed by depression and social anxiety, Kate launched herself down a self-care holistic healing path. She discovered the many health benefits to reiki, sound healing, meditation, and other alternative healing modalities.

During this process Kate faced her illness, flaws, mistakes and embraced the lessons they all brought from family trauma to romantic relationships and self-awareness. She then, launched herself into a new career helping others do the same; work through anxiety, past traumas, relieve pain, repair their bodies and build confidence in themselves.

To learn more about Kate and her services visit eiplhealing.com.


  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Sound Healing

Healing Description

Healing is a delicate art form. The outcome is beautiful, but the process can be messy. I use my knowledge of psychology and archetypes as the basics of my work. Then, I let my intuition and energy guide me as I tap into higher sources to facilitate healing, personal growth, and transformation. I use both, hands on (physical touch) and hands-off techniques in my reiki sessions and often blending the two upon the client’s permission.

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