Joshua Zain

Joshua Zain is a starseed and a natural intuitive channel and healer. His commitment in this life is to facilitating loving awareness, fostering emotional connection and spiritual autonomy. He has always carried with him a deep loving connection to humans, animals and nature alike. Growing up he practiced Kung fu, Tai chi and mindfulness meditation. He was also lucky enough to able to spend time with and learn from Tibetan Monks through The Peaceful Dragon center in Charlotte, NC.

As he’s deepened his understanding of Self and committed to a spiritual path he’s been lucky enough to serve as resident crystal wizard, healer, and advisor at The Crystal Matrix Healing Center. It is there where he’s gained certifications and training in Reiki, TransCrystal Therapy, Shamanism, Faery Shamanism, The Melchizedek Method, Advanced Channeling and more. His trainings at The Crystal Matrix & Modern Mystery School, combined with his active meditation practice and powerful heart have all been used to develop his current Session work with clients.

One on one client sessions provide release and empowerment designed to reveal your divinity to you through intuitive channeling, energy work, vocal toning and radically honest mind, body, spirit communication. Some of the other services he offers are crystal healings, starseed activations, reiki and source light healings, guided meditations and channeled vocal tonings.

He lives with his partner Nick Curran in Echo Park where they are growing Quantum Love, their shared healing practice. Much love to all of you.


  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Sound Healing

Healing Description

I facilitate energy healing with crystal therapy to cleanse and align the subtle bodies, clear and align the energy centers in the multidimensional self and infuse the whole being with source light energy. My sessions can also involve intuitive channeling, frequency toning and other various techniques to bring the client into presence, authenticity and a heightened and empowered Heart Center. We deepen and we unfold. Together.

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