Joshua Zain

Joshua Zain grew up in South Carolina to very spiritual and open minded parents. Since a very young age he always had an expansive open heart and a care for the planet and others. He would perform energy healings on animals as well as his mom and always had an avid interest in crystals. Growing up he practiced many different disciplines in martial arts, deepening his understanding of energy and flow. Later on in his life he got a job working at The Crystal Matrix Healing Center in Los Angeles, CA. It was there where he honed and developed his practice in meditation, energy work, crystal healing and guidance. He is a starseed and centers in on working with the heart center to facilitate growth, understanding and healing. Aside from guidance and healings he enjoys toning and deepening his channeling practice. He has a practice with his partner Nick Curran called Quantum Love. Nick and Josh strive to bring about health, wellness and liberation to all of their clients. You can find them in Echo Park where they live and operate their healing business. He would like to convey the deep honor it is to be on the journey together and would like to encourage all to practice living their lives louder than they ever allowed before.


  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork

Healing Description

My energy healings involve working with crystals and universal light energy on the body. I provide clearing, cleansing, opening, balancing and healing that benifits the person on multiple dimensions of self. I tap into the subtle energies with someone and manipulate and shift blocks that aren’t conducive to their fullest energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual potential. The session itself can also incorporate crystal bowls, tuning forks as well as toning and song for the person or being involved.

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