Sophia B

Sophia is an Artist, Nurse, Psychotherapist, Therapeutic Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. She blends various modalities including Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, Movement, Art, Poetry and Essential oils to foster Hope, Inspiration, Healing and Transformation.

Sophia is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Yoga instructor, offering private and group classes. She provides health and wellness consultation and utilizes her diverse skills, acquired over the last 20 years to assist people working through grief & loss, trauma, recovery from illness, injury, and those desiring to work toward harmonic integration through deep inner exploration and spiritual connection.


  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Tarot/Oracle Readings

Healing Description

I tailor each session for the client for what they are needing in the moment. A blend of therapeutic modalities, experience and intuition guide the session to promote comfort and healing. Using sound, energy work, Animal Medicine cards and both verbal and somatic process, I allow for the organic flow to guide us in navigating towards grounding wholeness.