Vulnerable Rally

We are three individuals dedicated to bringing more vulnerability into the world. Brooke is the co-facilitator of Sacred Sister Collective, where she leads retreats and ceremonies that bring together individuals of all backgrounds to share, hold sacred space, and support one another through vulnerability and healing. Mitch is the founder of Movers, Shakers and Thinkers, a transformational men’s gathering that questions and rewrites narratives around what it means to be a man in the world. Shyna is an advocate and active participant in community healing and radical self-expression, working to spread compassion into every day society through work with Burning Man and affiliated communities. Together, we bring you The Vulnerable Rally, founded by Gabriel Diamond. We full-heartedly believe in the power of seeing and being seen and are excited to share this with you.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Vulnerable Rally

    90 min | Altar of Air

    If you were to make a sign that reveals something about yourself you want to hide from the world and hold it in public, what would it say? That’s the question Vulnerable Rally asks of its participants. Vulnerable Rally takes us past the niceties and social graces to which we conform into the very heart of that which makes us human. Our fears, our shames, our prejudices—when these shadow parts of ourselves come to light, they not only have the chance to free us, they can also free those who pass us by and create powerful healing connections between people.

    Vulnerable Rally is part of a global invitation to remember our common humanity in the most vulnerable way: part absurdist street theatre and part shadow work.