Lisa Citore

Lisa Citore is a couples intimacy coach and leads sexuality and creativity workshops for women. She is the founder of Anima, Theater of the Feminine Underground, Awaken Your Feminine Fire and Tantra Games. She is the writer, director, producer and a performer in four theater productions, including The Tao of Sex, Bloodlines, Riding the Dragon and Keep it Wet. She sings in the band, Vocabella.   She’s studied with top teachers in the field of sexuality and Tantra, including Shakti Malan, Margo Anand, David Deida, Michaela Boehm and Bodhi Avinasha. She also has extensive knowledge of Goddess practices and ritual through her years with the 13 Moon Mystery School.  She’s currently working on her first book, The Languages of Arousal. For more information on her work: and

Workshops & Presentations

  • Tantra Games

    90 min | Altar of Fire

    Pair up with different partners and be guided though a series of heart connecting, nonverbal interactions ranging from playful and flirty to safely sensual and soulful – all designed to inspire authenticity, vulnerability, acceptance and deeper presence. The level of participation is always your choice.

  • Ritual Theater

    90 min | Art Temple

    Ritual theater is a shamanic practice that’s been used by many cultures to facilitate everything from rites of passage, healing and transformation to envisioning new directions. Using a simple 4 part ritual theater structure, we’ll give expression to these marking moments in our lives, honoring them, reclaiming our creative power in them and opening up doors to new possibilities in the past, present and future.