Bryce Belinski

Bryce Belinski is a Santa Barbara local with a passion for empowering others through place-based connections with the Earth, one’s community, and one’s self. Bryce currently resides in Portland, Oregon, where she is a School Garden Educator with Grow Portland (, creative collaborator, and artist. She holds a Master’s degree in “Leadership for Sustainability Education”, and has engaged with the world of permaculture and social justice through her participation in community garden projects, WOOFing, guiding international service-learning trips in Peru and Costa Rica, participating in the Bioneers conference, and hosting sustainability workshops and events for participants of all-ages.

Bryce’s teaching focuses on creating community and relationship with the land through hands-on, collaborative work and earth connection.  In her work, projects, and art, Bryce addresses the theme of humanity’s intrinsic connection to the natural world and through this creates the conversation of recognizing our relationship with the land as one based on reciprocity and care. 

Weaving together elements of permaculture, social justice, and transformation; Bryce’s workshops guide a creative experience of engaging with the land and one another in a way that empowers our communities to collaboratively build a better future. Bryce is excited to offer a space for community engagement and earth connection to the familiar and magical Santa Barbara landscape.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Natural Art Build: Co-creating a Better Place using Ecological Design

    75 min | Altar of Earth

    This immersive artistic experience will celebrate community and place in a creatively emergent process of natural building! We will engage with the principles and ethics of permaculture design to consider how we can collectively “Leave It Better”- ecologically, socially, & culturally- throughout and beyond Lucidity Festival 2020. We will co-create a natural archway at Live Oak Campground with natural materials from the surrounding area that will serve as a threshold and symbol of community connection, self empowerment, and relationship to land throughout the duration of our Lucidity experience. Come co-create a beautiful offering for the festival!

  • Seeds of Hope

    60 min | Altar of Earth

    Come learn about local native plants, their properties, and participate in a ceremonial planting of seeds to offer to the festival grounds and honor our land!