Nikki Velch

Nikki’s connection with plants and nature started at a young age. There was curiosity pulsing through her bloodstream as she observed those around her and their interactions with plants, their body, and their overall wellbeing. With a deep desire to revolutionize the medical system, and ultimately the ways in which we heal our bodies, she spent years working towards a degree in Chemistry. Four years into the program, it all clicked; the solution wasn’t in the pills, it wasn’t in the isolation of active ingredients – the solution required a holistic perspective. She changed routes and rearranged her completed courses to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Community Health Education. It wasn’t long after college when she packed her bags and headed west to work directly with the plants as an organic vegetable farmer in Encinitas, CA. After two years of farming, an opportunity arose to participate in a project to create an ecovillage community in San Diego east county, where she currently works and lives. On her journey to understanding the interaction between plants and humans, she set an intention to immerse herself in nature, living out of a tent, with a passion to live more harmonious with nature. She spends her days working on eco-building projects and schooling to be a licensed Ayurvedic Practitioner and Herbalist. In her spare time she facilitates healing circles, explores eco-art, and medicine making. Her life passion to guide others to remember their connection with the earth and finding healing and happiness along the way.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Elemental Sensations of Eating

    60 min | Altar of Earth

    The intention of this workshop is to illuminate the presence of the 5 elements within our bodies, around us in nature, and the elements within the foods we consume. As we journey through connecting to the oneness around and within us, we begin to remember how we are all connected. This journey illuminates the perspective of when we are polluting the water on this planet, we are polluting the water in our body, etc. I will open discussion to speak to the power that intention and awareness has as we ingest food. I will guide a mindful eating journey offering tools such as prayer to the farmers that planted and harvested the crops before we consume our food, as well as other tools in using our senses to their full potential to truly access and receive pleasure.