Ethos de Leon & Stephanie Scarminach

Ethos de Leon has been embarking on a spiritual and healing journey since 2016. Since giving themselves permission to take the time to heal and develop self-love, the amount of infinite possibilities and opportunities opened for them. Ethos loves to help remind those who interact with them, that they are Creators and the most innate thing to being human is to feel and to create. Ethos is inspired to also help shift the narrative of the way that we speak to ourselves, to others and to Mother Gaia. Every day, Ethos is active in setting intention, determination and action to help guide the shift and awakening of the Earth and the living beings within it.

As a Somatic Counselor, Stephanie believes in the body’s natural wisdom to heal. She has been using body psychotherapy to work with individuals with trauma, anxiety, and ancestral lineages for over four years. Engaging tools like dance, sound, and breathing, she teaches clients how to become their own resources, build support networks, and re-pattern old negative stories. Her specialization in ancestral trauma has been helpful for teens, families, and individuals alike. Stephanie holds a strong multicultural lens for her work that includes the queer community and gender non-binary folx. Her own journey through gender norms has given her capacity to teach those new to the topic, and hold space for exploration for those familiar. She encourages individuals to closely examine their relationship to their surrounding culture, environment, and various identities. Using the body as the compass, Stephanie taps into the deep flowing energy all humans share, in order to navigate the challenges of everyday life. Always bringing her signature humor, flavor for fun, her dedication to feelings in the human experience makes her style unique and memorable.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Divine One Sacred Circle

    60 min | Altar of Air

    Divine One was born out of the deep need to mend the separation and lack of communication amongst our internal, Divine masculine and feminine energies, in addition to bringing in a child-like ecstasy of existence to the way we interact with everything.

    We created this container to demystify the societal illusion that our sexed bodies are innately intertwined with our gender expression, or our archetypal energetic expression, and our sexuality preferences.

    Divine One has the intention to welcome LGBTQ2AI+ folx into the spiritual and conscious community and to also welcome the cisgendered beings, and all expressions of humanity into one circle, into one space, to heal our wounds of separation by coming together and communicating.

    A’ho. All of Our Relations.

    GRATITUDE: We respect and appreciate the gift and opportunity to connect, share, and offer our stories in the world, in this space, and with the people.

    INTENTION: To create a container for all existing expression of Being to feel safe and seen while allowing and creating permission for self-exploration and self-discovery

    Radical Accessibility
    Consent Culture

    Core Agreements
    Speak your Truth & ask before assumption
    Practice creating space for others to express in different ways. Ask how they prefer to be addressed. Speak how you would like to be addressed.
    Self Care as Self-Responsibility
    You know best what kind of care you need. Take extra time and space for self-regulation as you need pre, during, and post the experience. If you are unsure of what you need, ask!
    Part of this community includes the due diligence to learn more. Ask for resources, then take the initiative to research on your own.
    Authentic Presence
    Divine Oneness incorporates your shadow, your light, and everything in between. Track your self, and try to remain present in discomfort.
    Why so serious?
    This topic can seem and feel heavy, and the human experience is a hilarious kerfuffle! Bring your joy and laughter, all is welcome here.

  • Divine One: Demystifying Heteronormativity & the Gender Binary

    60 min | Altar of Air

    INTENTION: to shift the narrative by re-educating around heteronormativity, duality & the harmonization of the trinity

    To shift the narrative around the illusion of heteronormativity
    To expand the conscious community to become more inclusive
    To create a container for queer, and non-binary folx to feel safe and seen
    To shift the paradigm so as to see gender as a social experience, not an assigned identity

    Divine One a sacred offering that shares the Cosmic Truth that we are One, and that any belief system or societal ideology that creates a feeling of separateness, is an illusion. We have often been told that if we are born a female, we must express and embody programmed femininity, and vice versa for the males and the masculine. As a collective, we are coming to a conclusion that this heteronormative binary is constricting our infinite possibilities of expression. This space is an answer to a calling to bring a balance to our inner Divine Masculine, Feminine and Child archetypal energies, opening clear communication amongst this Holy Trinity.. If the multiverse and creation is infinite, and indeed, “so above, so below”, then isn’t human existence, and our expression of our innerstanding Self, also infinite?