Marco Shapanka & Nala Gerasimchuk

Nala and Marco are devotees of the Goddess, serving their dharma through a fusion of Esoteric Yoga and Feminine Embodiment Practices. Their mission is to support women in remembering their true nature and helping humanity to live in the heart.

Their backgrounds and training in Esoteric Yoga, Meditation, Traditional Tantra, Feminine Embodiment, Nervous System Regulation, Body-Based Psychotherapy, Tantric Massage, and facilitating Spiritual Transformation inform the way they approach their service.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Ecstatic Dance of the Goddess

    90 min | Altar of Fire

    In this workshop we will introduce the 6 Mahadevi, the Great Goddesses of Tantric Yoga. These Goddesses have been revered in India for thousands of years for their ability to guide our spiritual path and awaken us to our inner Divinity.

    We will start with a description of each of their specific energies, do a Mantra invocation, and then move into a bass-driven Ecstatic Dance where we will tune into the Goddess within and embody her qualities through movement.