Jeanie Eugenia, Ph.D.

Jeanie Eugenia, Ph.D., LMFT, is a somatic psychotherapist who uses her experience as a dancer, massage therapist, and joy advocate to explore what our bodies are saying to us and how we are communicating to each other. Dr. Eugenia received her MA in Clinical Psychology in 2007 from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and her doctorate in Somatic Psychology in 2016 from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In her work she integrates concepts of clinical psychology with cutting edge research on neurobiology, energy medicine, attachment, pre and perinatal psychology, and body-oriented healing modalities. She uses this unique cross-section of modalities in her work as an oracle at Lucidity Festivals, including hands-on readings as well as three-dimensional tarot readings, where participants learn to use their sensory tools to co-create meaningful narratives. She is currently establishing somatic education groups, called Embodied Community Movement(SM), where participants gain knowledge about functional uses of being embodied in everyday living.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Embodied Community Movement-Using Physical Boundaries to navigate dissociation

    90 min | Lucid Landing

    As both a perceptive, information-gathering organism and an ever-present tool for action, the human body is still one of our most under-utilized resources for managing our daily stresses. As part of the Embodied Community Movement (SM), this workshop explores physical boundaries, sensations. and peripheral awareness. Enhancing awareness of where the body starts and stops and learning how we experience embodiment or dissociative states is the first step in creating a more empathic, aware community. Participants exploring sexual identity and expression and gender-identity and gender-expression, will also benefit from this self-exploration.