Saphir Lewis, Oracle Of The Bright Future

Saphir Lewis, “The Oracle Of The Bright Future” – has been deep diving in meditation for more than 30 years, in pursuit of keys that will facilitate humanity’s awakening. These studies have revealed a rich understanding of what it means to be human, and how we are designed to be creative forces in the world around us. Partnering her findings with the principles of quantum physics, she has developed inner technologies that empower us to step into our magnificence and co-create our world in positive, fruitful ways. She has been teaching at transformational festivals for 5 years.

With 25+ years producing gatherings and working closely with individuals to assist in their spiritual growth, Saphir Lewis is also the founder of Festival Fire, an online portal for the transformational festival community, working to fertilize this important incubator for a rising new humanity. Find her blog and festival calendars at

Workshops & Presentations

  • Activate Your Superpowers and Change The World

    90 min | Altar of Spirit

    Most of us use about 10% of the abilities we are capable of – mind, body & heart. But within each of us, is a Potential so great that its beyond our ability to imagine from where we are right now. I’m not talking about super stardom. I’m talking about being more Alive than you’ve ever been before, I’m talking about a deep Belonging that your heart has cried out for all of your life – It’s knowing that you have a place of importance and value in the scheme of things and viscerally experiencing your connection to All of Life. From that foundation, your great Potential is activated, with new tools and abilities to play with … if you continue this work, you’ll start to grow and grow and grow, amazing Yourself and impacting those around you! You’ll feel more like YOU than you’ve ever felt before.