Anne marie kramer

Call her AMK.

She’s your coffee-drinking, live-loving, unpredictable, and unconventional teacher who believes life should be powerful while being playful. After teaching yoga for 20 years, she’s learned that everything and everyone is a mirror and the lessons are everywhere. She also believes that life can be fun — our whole life is a dance.

In her class, you’ll dance, sing, hug your neighbors, and share secrets with the person on beside you. No scripts and no plans. Through her workshops, you will touch your own soul and have fun along the way of this powerful journey.

In 2007, she founded Zuda Yoga in California and has trained hundreds of teachers who also lead life with an open playful heart. Zuda graduates have gone on to teach yoga and open many studios around the nation and the world.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Chakra Flow

    75 min | Movement Lab

    Feel your kundalini rise.

    Everything in nature grows in spirals from our DNA to branches on a tree, to the snake that lies asleep at the base of our spine. It’s easy in this world to be conditioned for straight lines and checking boxes. Even in yoga we can get fixated on perfect linear alignment. This class takes us off the mat and back to our natural state of freedom. Learn to move through and unlock your energy centers as you unwind years of tension. Get back to your primal state of power. Humans are the most domesticated animals on the planet. Take your freedom back.

  • Psychedelic Breath

    120 min | Movement Lab

    Psychedelic means mind manifesting and Breath is life. Manifest your life!

    Take an amazing trip with breath alone.

    We'll explore a type of breathing that will expand your consciousness. This specific type of breathing allows access to parts of the body, psyche and spirit that are otherwise hidden. Learn how to use the simplest tool (the breath) to heal the most intense parts of you (body, mind, spirit).

    This workshop will give you a peek into the magic of breathing and how this simple tool can transform and heal.