Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann began her training in non-violent communication, reflective listening, and conflict resolution in 2010 as a teacher at Play Mountain Place, a humanistic school in Los Angeles. There, she experienced how effective these tools are in resolving conflicts between children and saw a deep need for this work with adults– as parents, friends, and romantic partners. She developed and gave her first “Cultivating Empathy” workshop in 2017 at Desert Hearts and has since given it at Desert Daze and other events in Los Angeles.  She is currently offering Cultivating Empathy as an ongoing class at Peace Yoga Gallery in Los Angeles. In addition to her empathy work, she helped produce Disclosurefest in 2019 and is currently finishing her degree in Child Development. She plans to continue expanding her work with parents and children in addition to offering classes for adults.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Cultivating Empathy: Being with Big Feelings and Setting Limits with LOVE

    45 min | Dome of the Space Wanderer

    In this workshop, we will explore ways to be with a child's big feelings without needing to fix or change them. We will also expand our tools for resolving conflicts between siblings and setting limits with respect and care. We will explore common problems and situations that can be helped with and transformed by learning new simple tools. Using listening games and role-play, we can discover the gifts within problems as a way to grow closer. Do more by talking less.

  • Cultivating Empathy: Giving What We Want from Others

    75 min | Altar of Air

    In this workshop we will explore what it feels like to turn conflicts into gifts of deeper intimacy. Through guided meditation, listening games, and role play, we will explore what happens when conflicts occur and how to de-escalate them in a way builds trust and connection. By learning how to offer the other person the thing we want first from them, we create a generous space for our needs to be met. Learn effective, simple tools for turning around arguments into sharings. Gain confidence in your ability to resolve conflicts in a way that doesn’t sacrifice dignity. No more “agree to disagree”, but more like “I hear you, I love you, and here is how I feel differently”. This workshop will empower you to trust in the generosity of empathetic communication.