Santi Lou

Santi Lou is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Mongol Tribe, a CA non-profit bridging health and wellness with civic ecology. He is a San Diego native with an Associate of Science in Agriculture from Yuba College, and Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources from Oregon State University. With over 15 years of cultivation experience, Santi has developed a passion for agro-ecology and urban food forestry. He is the co-owner and operator of Lou Family Farm and Nursery, a one-acre permaculture research site located in Bonita, CA. With 1/5-acre in production, in the three years of operation he has produced more than 40 different agriculture commodities and over 6,000 pounds of produce for his family and friends. Additionally, he has planted over 30 fruit trees and rooted more than 200 fruit tree cuttings as nursery stock. Santi currently provides consultation services with a special emphasis in backyard orchards and food cultivation. Some of the gardens that he has provided his consultation services to includes the Mt. Hope Community Garden in City Heights, Joe’s Pocket Farm in National City, and the High Tech High School Garden in Point Loma. Santi is an active participant in empowering the local food system and sits on the board of Slow Food Urban San Diego as the Food Justice Co-chair. Santi lives by the 13-moon calendar of natural time and provides interpretations of the Mayan dreamspell, of which he is the Red Galactic Moon.

Medicine or Calling

Santi Lou is a keeper of Whale medicine, giving voice to the living ancestors, the trees, plants, animals, and fungi. As the Red Galactic Moon, he is here to bring ancestral records from the past to the present, bridging health and wellness with civic ecology in the hope that we might create a more regenerative and sustainable world.