Jaraneh Nova

Jaraneh Nova is a vocalist, songwriter and musician who creates through the lens of Indigenous Wisdom and Ancestry.   I am also a adopted, displaced, mixed up mixed blood!  Using music, art and multimedia, she creates contemporary ceremony that educates, uplifts and inspires her audiences.  A desert child of mixed Apache and Inuit ancestry, she shares and transmits her unique experiences of deep spiritual earth connection in this modern world.  A constant voice for the rights of Mother Earth and the Natural world, her offerings leave you feeling more connected, alive and optimistic about the power of  human prayer and consciousness and our ability to usher in a new age of grace, peace and love.  Her music weaves Native American elements with modern sound and story.

Medicine or Calling

I am a Native American musician, artist and healer. I am also a adopted, displaced, mixed up mixed blood! I was born to facilitate the prayer that reconnects us to our mother earth and to the spirit world around us. I carry this medicine and wisdom. I have been praying in native ceremonies for over 30 years, and am skilled at creating sacred space, prayer and circles that call to the creator and to the best in each of us.