I AM Family Garden

The I Am Family Garden is a safe and loving platform for families to grow, learn and engage in the new paradigm of parenting, striving to inspire as well as activate free thinking. This all-aged platform is intended to gather like minded individuals, raise community awareness, and share knowledge through immersive, co-created experiences. With a focus on mathematics, physics, science, art, music, theater, health, sustainability, ancestral arts, and movement through play, the possibilities are endless. Highlights this year are movement, magic, maker-space and music. Expect to find these offerings in the main area, the Imaginarium. During the evening come to our stage to see Heartwurkz…. Laikipia… Vir McRoy, Sierrra Marin, Off Grid Fam and others! Stop along the way into this area and experience some of our collaborators like The Riley Rainbow Family Circus, The Unicorn Scouts, Off Grid Fam, Whimsical Wish Wagon, The Dome of the Space Wanderer or our Teen Wonderland.

Recognized as the world’s Best Family-friendly Festival at the 2018 FestX Awards held in Las Vegas on December 11. The prize reflects eight years of innovative programming and integration of a family-centric ethos at the outdoor festival, which features live and electronic music, participatory workshops, experiential art, yoga, and much more for adults, families, and kids-at-heart.

*Please remember, this area is tobacco, alcohol and drug free. We appreciate your support in maintaining a fabulous safe space at our event.

Song: Pleasuretime – Afrolicious.
Video edit by Ruby Rose Foster. Footage by Nicholas Bradford, Anna Jones, Marisa Pfenning, Aline Kras and Brieana Breeze.

Activities and Information

The Children’s Parade

Our 6th annual collaboration with Santa Barbara Solstice brings a fun, funky Earth-Phamily Parade themed “What the world needs to see, a ‘Moon’s Eye View'”. Consider this an open invitation to bring your rendition of what the world needs to see, imagined from the Moon’s Eye View we hold in our hearts. An entourage of all the years ideas and hopes kindled into a lively presentation, we hope you’ll join this Thunder. We’ll meet in the Imaginarium at 1pm on Sunday April 14th! Bring your brother, your kiddo, granny or friend, everyone is welcome! Costuming and foolery encouraged. Puppetry and Giggling, juggling or drumming… we’re hoping for you!

Family Services

An integral piece of our standard of care for families, children and those with special needs is our Family Services team. This group of dedicated individuals act as liaisons for you throughout your time at the festival. If you have special needs, are pregnant, with children or an elder, we have direct shuttle services available. To utilize these services, please, email us prior to the event at familyservices@lucidityfestival.com and communicate how we can help. You may also let the box office attendant in the the Family intake line at ticketing know that you would like support from us and they will notify a team member. Please have your Handicapped placard and or family need with you to gain expedited access. As a courtesy to our community we offer free General Parking to individuals with Handicapped Placards who wish to visit the event for the day. Also, discounted Car Camping Passes which can be obtained by emailing.

If you prefer to stay in the comfort of an area especially curated for those with special needs, we’d love for you to join us at Camp Cozy, located above the Fire Realm. You’ll find a friendly member of Family Services to greet you at the entrance and help you get placed. If you need anything at all, find Brother Dragon at the gate and we’ll be sure to find a solution for you.

Sign Interpreters are available on request. Request this support from any person with a walkie talkie you see at the event, from Brother Dragon at the entrance to Camp Cozy or at our Info Hub, located centrally within the Lucid City.

Help us Keep those Kiddos Safe! Minor Intake Form

In order to provide the safest experience possible we have a minor registry system that enables us to be in immediate contact with family members should someone get lost or need support.

If you are bringing your child please register them in our Minor Intake Form. All minors must be registered by their parent or legal guardian prior to entering the event.

Family Car Camping Registration

We provide a family only camp area located within the Earth Realm for all families who wish to be surrounded by kids and families of all ages. If you’re planning on camping in our Family Car Camping area, you’ll need to register and receive confirmation to post up in this Family only camping area. Please register in our Family Car Camping Registry to be placed in this area.

These Environments can be found in this Realm:

  • Lucid Creation Station

    Join the Lucid Creation Station to create your own necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

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  • Flower Ship

    Come visit The Flowers at The Flower Ship, their dream temple on wheels, in The Family Garden. Join them for “maté mornings”, bring your own mug or thermos and energize the start to your day of festivities with intention sharing, conversation, tours of the Flower Ship, and of course, maté.

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  • The Unicorn Scouts present The Magic Liberation Front

    The Unicorn Scouts, a club for all ages + all spectrums, invites joyous play through a whimsy practice that’s fast, fun and fundamental to our creative spirit. Visit this thriving theme camp in Family Garden, nestled within the Earth Realm to see how you can become a Unicorn Scout!

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  • The Riley Rainbow Family Circus Camp

    The Riley Rainbow Family Circus will be facilitating circus camp for the kids ages 7-13. We will be teaching the basics of circus arts, including juggling, balancing, acrobatics, flow staff and more.

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  • Whimsical WiSH Wagon

    The Wagon will show you how your wishes ARE coming true and there are few activities you can do to help boost your WiSH so it will come true! There’s a MaGiC Mirror, a WiSHing Portal and Faery Habitat too!

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  • Solstice Puppet Palace

    The Solstice Parade’s artists and artworks are not only highlights of the parade, but of various other events. As you explore Lucidity Festival, watch for roaming giant puppets.

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  • Gregg Fleishman Studio Experience

    In an ongoing geometry lesson, the mysteries of the cubic world open up before your very eyes. The lesson being taught here is the “Lost Triangle of Pythagoras” which involves the cube, a 3D checkerboard of cubes and the unifying properties of the rhombic dodecahedron.

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  • Dome of the Space Wanderer

    The Dome of the Space Wanderer is a unique structure built of up-cycled materials, filled with creative intention and fun.

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  • Sunburst Community

    Sunburst is a global fellowship, cooperative community and retreat center dedicated to personal and planetary awakening, through spiritual practice, conscious living, and Earth stewardship. Join us each day to discover more!

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