Lucidity Creation Story

The brilliant force of the Universe sparks creation of new worlds through the portal of stars. Our own Grandfather Sun, as such, is a magnifier of this Universal consciousness and love – the essence that both seeds and fuels life as we know it. The rise and setting of the Sun continues to be a constant, comforting pattern upon all the planets of our local star system; an eternal generator.

When Grandfather was content with the arrangement of his will among the solar system, the framework was set and there were worlds now poised to be expressed. In his infinite wisdom, as well as the sheer will to physically gain a full range of experience, he set about fractalizing Creator Consciousness. There were multiple worlds to create – and each in their own time, but the shiny clear sphere that burned like a second sun in the sky was special. One large sea; vast and pure. Not a mineral or element beyond the compound of H2O were present. This created the perfect vessel for the crystallization of Creator Consciousness into physical form. She awoke and her name was Ocean; her beauty was only increased by the gift of his awareness. They were set firmly in their patterns; her existence revolved around him, as did all the bodies in the system. He was fixed in relation to his solar system, but he was also in orbit and spiraling through space. He wished to be closer, to experience one another in a more direct sense.

A sunburst leaped from the solar garment toward the third planet out. As Dawn sprang into existence she was present as a witness to her own birth. She was bursting through the void on fire, only a beautiful jewel in the heavens before her; a blank canvas. What was it? She became aware of her conscious self, an avatar of fire, yet realized she was also at one with a greater. What dreams would they realize together? Whimsically skyrocketing through the solar system her focus was brought back to the giant ball of fire growing before her; a reflection of the sun and her own brilliance. Just before she slammed into its center, she felt Ocean’s presence. The crash of thunder echoed as molten elements pierced the body of water; a great churning of primal forces, pulling in and mixing the cosmic dust which trailed behind Dawn. She wielded raw creation and flew directly to her focus with innocent curiosity. A lesson that one attracts or moves toward what one focuses on or puts intention toward. The collision began a chain reaction that metamorphosed the entire body of the planet.

Land was conjured forth from the great impact. Within a moment, or a thousand years, the budding shoot of the All Tree sprang up and Leaf unfurrowed with a rustling yawn. Leaf became aware of himself as an elemental of the Earth, and with the fertile powers of nature the All Tree continued to grow, branch out, and bud. Myriad of leaves, fruits, and nuts grew out of the All Tree. Leaf used the powers of magnetism and gravity to both pull and propel the ripening parts across the surface of the world. When he was done setting these things into motion, he grounded the force of gravity within his being and descended to land. On the journey down, he discovered Zephyr, who danced with him as he floated slowly to the earth.

As the chaotic storms were circling the globe; they brewed forth powerful winds, clouds, rain, thunder and lightning, and Zephyr. Composing himself amidst the overwhelming crash of elements, he identified himself as a fractal of Creator Consciousness and an elemental of Air. He breathed steadily through each movement he exercised; pushing, pulling, dancing; breathing. Zephyr was both graceful and joyous in his pursuits. He pushed the rains against the mountains. Casted shade above the upstart All Tree, as it majestically grew through the clouds and beyond. He directed steam and ash, this way; and pollen that way. In one eternal moment, all aspects of creation were springing into being. It was a magical time, witnessing all these things in the presence of Leaf. Both becoming aware of the other shortly after becoming self aware; all connected to Creator Consciousness through the paternal line of the Sun.

Dawn smiled widely as she stretched out across the land, warming the bark of the All Tree, casting elvish shadows beyond it. Her light shone upon Zephyr and Leaf, each who had just met. They breathed in unison as they smiled into their hearts. Leaf could feel another presence, almost hear a muffled voice. He called forth the mighty earth wurm who was slumbering at the base of the All Tree, burrowing upward from the roots he exploded from the soil with a mighty crash. On the ankle of the wurm was River, a mighty fresh water stream that had been trapped under the creation of land in the collision, and boiled through toward the surface, to be released by new yet familiar faces.

River obtained complete clarity in the moment and understood herself to be a daughter of Ocean, and elemental of water. She was fluid and full of emotion; she poured her blessings upon the group, cleansing the messy parts and restoring balance and order. Together they laughed and splashed each other with kindness and curiosity. Simply excited to BE and to get to play in such a magic space, and in magical ways. They immediately set out to create together. Their powers as individuals were fantastic; yet nothing could trump the exponential force and creative potentiality they possessed in relationship to one another and as a complete unit. After all, the world was born.

They looked into the heavens above and observed a new vessel. The Moon now hovered above the family of elementals and River felt a strong connection. Dawn and Leaf, as well as Zephyr, felt a kinship as their colliding forces all worked to create this satellite consciousness. For now the Sun would carry out its courtship with the moon, and these children of the sun – who are at once witness and creator of the magical place we call home – continued their good work. As the planet turned mesmerizing blues and greens from the diverging bodies of water and lush forests and grasslands; they developed awareness of the spirit in all things created. The siblinghood expanded profoundly, and their many differences and unifying consciousness were celebrated in each moment. Between witnessing and creating; all the land, sea, air, and fire spirits were born, named, and recognized. Soon to follow were the insects, the reptiles, birds, and animals. All shapes and sizes; all individuals yet part of the greater consciousness.

It was Eudaimonia. They surrendered to the joy of exercising their full creative potential, supported and enhanced by each other, their vision, and their powers. They enjoyed the company of the plants, the stones, the rains, the fish and foul; it truly was paradise. The Dragon, faery folk, owl, crow, eagle, trout, dolphin, whale, lizard, snake, salamander, turtle, crocodile, bear, coyote, deer, all danced in the beauty of life and sang songs in gratitude to Grandfather Sun. The elementals knew nothing other than joy, excitement, and abundance.

Sun gathered the elementals together near the base of the All Tree. Zephyr began to lift the others high into the sky along the massive trunk. They all peered down while the Sun instructed them to record the image they witnessed, cast by the All Tree during one complete solar cycle (one year). The shape took the form of two legs, a equal size body, two arms and a head.

With this common vision, each set to their own task. Leaf and River, together created mud to form the figure outlined by the Sun. Dawn gently baked the body, infusing the light of Creator Consciousness. Zephyr acknowledged each in their mastery and standing above the earthly form, inhaled deeply, and blew spirit into the fashioned hue of light and flesh. As the elementals held their presence around this new being, she opened her eyes. Breathing life into her own lungs, wiggling fingers and toes, and witnessing her own birth; she acknowledged each of the others contribution and sang out with a joyful laugh “I Am the void. I Am the infinite field united. I Am vibration. I am color and light descending. I Am the One voice, the Universe, dreaming itself awake. I Am unique, yet I Am you. I Am Luci.”

Each reflected the unifying consciousness they each held, in a gaze that says “i see you.” Seeing each other as fractal expressions of the Divine. Yet each completely a unique vibration, accruing individual experience. The mother of hu-kind looked around the fantastical home before her and felt only love.