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As we invite collaboration and co-authorship of Lucidity’s New Story, this serves as the place to share your creative dreams and visions with us. Use the resources provided about Lucidity’s Mythos, the elemental avatars, the Oracles, and the new realms to craft short episodes showcasing parts of the Lucidity Story that are alive within you and have yet to be integrated into the collective field. Resources: (Add link to Elemental Realm Webpage here).

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Here are submission examples:

Original Story of Dawn’s Awakening – Noah Crowe

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2019 Original Music Contest Submissions – Live Music

2019 Original Music Contest Submissions – Electronic

2018 Original Music Contest Winner – “Kaleid” by Josiah

Dave Zaboski’s Animation of Dawn’s Awakening

River and the Moon’s Eye View by Ruby Rose Foster

From our Moon’s unique vantage point, she can see all that transpires on our pale blue dot – all our joys and all our pain, all of our creating and all of our destruction. As River, the guardian of the Realm of Water, finds the Moon, she imagines what it must be like to take on her perspective. To look at the bigger picture and build a higher sense of connection, respect and love for the world around us.

Follow River, and help take on the Moon’s Eye View at Lucidity 2019.

Song: Plantrae – Momentum
Animation by Ruby Rose Foster

And a special thanks to Lucidity Festival for the inspiration.