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Quan Yin Teahouse

Quan Yin Tea House

Jenn Azure and the Quan Yin Tea team are grateful to have been bringing Quan Yin Tea Space to transformational festivals and other events since 2015. This including four previous Lucidity Festival offerings. Quan Yin Tea Space has been present at Cosmic Convergence, Envision, Enchanted Forest, Symbiosis, Beloved and of course Burning Man. The last three years as part of Heart Tribe Camp.

The space is dedicated to the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Quan Yin. The intention is to create a space that is a calm oasis from the often busy and loud festival experience. We wish to catalyze conscious community within the space and to inspire people to connect with each other on that level, or to just relax for a bit and be taken care of.

One tool for this catalysis is the Gong Fu tea technique. The practice of pouring tea in this way is considered the most skilled way to make tea and when done with presence is not only an embodiment practice for the pourer but encourages other participating to join in to being ecstatically present. The other catalysis in the Quan Yin Space is sound healing and songs devoted to presence. Various chosen and spontaneously present musicians will be playing songs of awakening and internal healing throughout the festival. All music will be acoustic. Please join us, Take your shoes off!

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Elemental Realm of Air