Elemental Realm of Air

The Element of Air is the wind, weather, and currents of invisible waves and tides drifting amidst our atmosphere. Air represents thought forms, dreams, conversation, magic, and riddles. The Oracle of Breath reminds us that becoming closely aware of the regularity of the in-breath and the out-breath connects us to our wholeness, allowing for grace to pour forth. When we find ourselves spinning out of control, and into unhealthy mind patterns, simply returning to the breath and to the present can return us to a place of peace.

The Realm of Air is where you’ll reconnect with the present moment through the portal of your breath. Dancing the night away at what you might remember as the Nomad’s Stage, you’ll inhale deeply as your heart rate quickens. This Realm is also a place for the cultivation of intuition, communication, and mental acuity. Float into hazy enclaves to discuss philosophy and dreams, experience art installations designed to connect you with altered states of consciousness. Remember to breathe it all in and let it all back out!

Stages and Venues

Installations and Theme Camps